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We take pride in our ability to help other businesses succeed with certified professional assistance. We have numerous certifications and skills for all of your business solutions! If you need a Business to Business Writer, then we're you go-to source!



100% Veteran Owned

Our operation is 100% Veteran Owned and operated right here in the USA! We believe in others, we offer true English writing products only, and we support our country and military personnel!

Web Design Simplified For You or Your Business

With a large library of web design software programs and skills, we can offer a fully certified solution to build your business or even personal website. We can even get you a great deal on web hostingdedicated hosting, or even virtual hosting!

Certified Graphic Design, Logo Design & Brand Development

With over 20 years of certified graphic design & digital media experience, we can provide a full-range solution to incorporate "all-around-the-box" thinking (inside, out of the box, and all around the edges) to incorporate designs for your business or marketing needs!


We Produce High Turnaround Times! See Us in Action!

Bee's Writing Service is:
  • The best copywriting service in Missouri!
    We offer copywriting services with quality unlike any other company. While we are located in the Midwest, we have customers all across the nation and even the world!

  • The best graphic designers in Missouri!
    Certified graphic designers aren't always easy to come by. Especially when it comes to the world of web design, writing, and audio or video editing. Our experience and skill is unmatched in terms of image manipulation, editing, logo design, branding, and much more!

  • The best web designers in Missouri!
    Web design doesn't have to be rocket science, but there are many things that are important in the web design process. We offer exceptional rates compared to some other leading companies and for a good reason - we think that value and quality should not have a humongous price tag attached to it. Our job is to help other businesses!

  • The best audio/video editors in Missouri!
    Video editing, along with all of the other areas of digital media, is something that many people need help with. Some people don't always have the ability to load the best software on their computers to add custom effects, cutting/mixing, but that's something that we are able to do with our digital media studio software collection! Need a video edited for your YouTube channel? What about audio mastering or mixing? We can do it and have years of experience!

  • The best SEO solution in Missouri!
    SEO is something every business must have in place both on, and even off of their websites. You'll see all types of "SEO Specialists" offering SEO packages, saying things like "We're Google SEO Certified!" and many more marketing ploys. Let's get real. There is no Google SEO certification (other than AdWords, which isn't necessary for SEO). Not only that, but SEO goes way beyond Google (from Facebook, to Twitter, and many other areas). We specialize in on-site and off-site SEO, and no - we are NOT digital marketers. Why? Because you don't have to be one to help businesses succeed!

At Bee's Writing Service, we take pride in knowing that you will get the best when it comes to your copywriting and business needs. While we don't simply specialize in only that, you can get the ultimate experience to help your business thrive. We operate nationally and are one of the many people out there who do more than marketing.

Everyone needs SEO incorporated into their websites, social media pages, and other avenues, not to mention some sort of branding. This includes entrepreneurs, as well as corporate businesses and even those which are family owned. That's why we went into service. We want to bee there for other people & businesses to provide exceptional content for their websites, blog posts, photo portfolios, and more.

Our prices are more competitive than those on the general market. We do not hire a bunch of other people to see your work. And we're not just limited to one facet like most writing and digital marketing companies. You can inquire more by visiting our Writing Services page. 

Don't Let Our Midwest Location Fool You!

We operate right here in the Midwest, but that has become the perfect location when it comes to helping your business to stay discreet. No company likes to say "I had someone else help me do my work for me"! Many people brand their own visions into a company's websites, wanting to take credit for their work, or even broadcasting it on things like web design. Also, because of where we operate, it allows us to provide cheaper rates for your business so you're not paying insane amounts out of pocket like many other freelancers do. At the same time, this husband and wife veteran-owned copywriting team has been around for quite some time with over 10 years of writing experience, and we are a prime example of a true work-from-home business that is built on solid family-oriented foundations.

Some examples where we have showcased work (where we don't take credit on-site of course) are:


Military Benefits Info - Bee's Writing

Articles written for veterans to help assist them in finding the helpful information they need.

Male Groomings

We wrote some of the premium content available on this handy men's health and hygiene blog.

Medical Supply - Bee's Writing Customer

AvaCare Medical

We are contributors of one of the nation's leading online suppliers for medical products.

Bee's Writing Service - Military Blog Contributions

BLUF Military Benefits

Content contributors to a great  website written for veterans by veterans.

Bee's Writing Service - Web Design

ACA Constructor

Built a small, but functional placeholder website for a custom home builder. Also provided mobile optimized layout.

Walsworth Publishing Company - Past Job Experience

Walsworth Publishing Co.

Graphic Designer working as a Yearbook Cover designer and Pre-Press operations department.

I Fix On Wheelz - Bee's Writing SEO Optimization

I Fix On Wheelz

Content Editing, Graphic Optimization, SEO, and Re-design Consultation for one of Massachusetts leading mobile repair companies.


Subversive Visions Design

Revolutionary Design Perceptions is Justin's personal site complete with galleries, coding projects, writing samples, design samples, and much more!